Umdloti Self Catering Beach House The beach resort town of Umdloti is almost unrivalled in its natural splendor and idyllic soft-sand shores. A mere 45-minute drive away from Durban and King Shaka International airport, you’ll find it along the northern coastline of KwaZulu natal. Expect languid, lazy summer days; mild and cosy winters, and wonderfully warm ocean tides.

Make the most of this ocean-side, sub-tropical town by maximizing your time at the coast. Checking into an Umdloti self-catering beach house is the perfect solution. When you’re looking to book your Umdloti self-catering beach house, you’ll find an array of suitable options to suit every vacation budget. A typical Umdloti self-catering beach house is fully air-conditioned and includes satellite TV and is typically quoted at an average of R1300 for two people per night.

Umdloti beach abounds with every aspect of holiday-making and adventure you could imagine.

Umdloti, the Dolphin Coast

Umdloti Self Catering Beach House The name ‘Dolphin coast’ says it all. Whatever your holiday dreams are made of, few sights in life surpass that of dolphins frolicking in the waters or whales breaching in the ocean.

You’ll easily be able to tick dolphin spotting and whale watching from your bucket list from virtually any Umdloti self-catering beach house – just patiently peep out from your patio or balcony long enough, and you’re sure to catch sight of two of the ocean’s most majestic creatures.

You’ll be able to spot dolphins all-year round, while May to December is peak whale watching time. Thanks to the varied species of whale migrating or calving, there is no absence of whales in the other months, although sightings do tend to be fewer.

Umdloti Self Catering Beach House

Horse Riding in Umdloti

Whether or not you’ve been on a horse before, don’t go home until you’ve explored the beaches and hilly mounds by guided one-on-one horse tour. Create stand-out memories by contacting the area’s equestrian centre, who are happy to inform of pricing and availability. Then retire to your Umdloti self-catering beach house and watch the sun go down – unforgettable!


Microlighting in Umdloti

A microlight coastal safari is just the thing if you’re an avid adventurer and would like your zest for life to be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the coast. As far as aerial perspectives go, the pristine Durban coastline is near perfection – you’re sure to spot whales, dolphins and turtles as you soar above the sea. Call before the time to find out if you can be picked up at your Umdloti self-catering beach house or simply call one of the many private reliable taxi services in the area to get to and from your one-in-a-lifetime aerial exploit.

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